Process Improvements and Cost Reduction

XGen can help your organization operate with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. To achieve this objective we apply a combination Lean Six Sigma methodology and specific industry knowledge base through the use of our team of industry specific experts and process improvement consultants.

Today with the difficult business environment, organizations are under more pressure to improve quality, service levels and flexibility, yet spend less money doing so. We can help you assess your environment so you can make sound, yet rapid decisions about upgrading your working processes, reducing costs, improving services, outsourcing, and funding the future. Are you being asked to increase quality, cut costs, outsource services, or justify your budget and strategy? XGen can help you objectively assess your organization, evaluate your options, and deliver a roadmap to meet your needs.

We focus not just on stimulating improvement or efficiency, but also on using leaner operations to build a competitive advantage, with the customer perspective as the driving force. Our approaches and tools address a broad variety of issues that lie at the intersection of operations and strategy, including productivity assessment, process improvement, change management program, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales force effectiveness and Value-Based Cost Reduction.

As an example, our Six Sigma approach enables us to focus on integrating business strategy with technology to deliver competitive advantage and bottom-line results. We work with companies across industries to also develop the IT strategy that best meets their goals, and then serve as an objective partner to help them choose the appropriate implementation provider.

What will be the results:

  Reduce Defect levels and improve quality.

  Improve ability to scale and to grow.

  Improve lead times.

  Optimize your organization to streamline costs.

  Be cost efficient without impacting quality.

  Extract hidden value from your budget and operations.

  Leverage your environment to become World Class.

  Justify your budget and validate your strategy with defensible data.