Customer Insights and Solution Design
Customer Insights e is the art of applying analytics to better understand your customers. Xgen differentiates itself in the insights arena by understanding business specific customer journey, applying practical business thinking, world class analytical tools and scientific techniques that rely on understanding and acting on vast amounts of customer centric data, to produce actionable insights.

Our analytical platform is a fully integrated suite of modern analytical applications that combines simple data models, data mining, business logic, reporting and campaign optimisation to create a foundation for our team of highly calibre analysts and forecasters.

Our analytics provide an understanding of a wide variety of pattern and clusters, propensity models and predictive analysis,

Attributes, such as:
  • Lifestyle demographics
  • Purchase behaviour
  • Lifetime value and Customer Journey
  • Share of wallet

Our planning and forecasting team are the experts in developing actionable solutions, such as:

  • Customer communication strategies
  • Actions to increase engagement/ increase purchasing
  • Strategies to increase lead to sale conversion
  • Actions to reduce customer churn

And the best part of our value proposition is that we will help your business to grow with a guaranteed positive return on investment.