Our Products

XGen offers a wide range of technology and Fintech solutions to organizations in various industries. Our core competence lies in our ability to work with organisations streamline their requirements, maximize revenue, generate growth opportunities and develop a sustainable competitive edge through our individualized product and customized solutions.

Our Product Difference

24/7 Customer Support

Cloud Hosted

100% Tested and Security Guaranteed

Easy to Implement

Comprehensive Product

Industry Expertise

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Why Choose Us

We offer different pricing models based on your business and our solution consultants will work with you to develop a win win situation
We specialize in designing user interfaces together with your team to assure user friendliness and acceptability within your organisation
We years of expertise have been used to simplify most complicated solutions into becoming the most simple to use.

Our Portfolio of Products

XGen’s product suite focuses on Customer lifecycle and has the ability to help organisations to grow, onboard customers, control their workflows and manage their portfolios.

Credit Originations

XGen Loan Originations Platform capable of servicing larger financial services institutions, Trade Credit Providers and it gives organisations the ability to build any workflow and rule structure dynamically, without code, without limits. The platform is capable of effortlessly configure risk & pricing models, scorecards, verification workflows, electronic documents, and bank branch user-friendly portals. SmartCredit LOS workflow starts and ends where your business starts and ends.

Debt Management & Delinquency Control

XGen’s debt management and a recoveries solutions are capable of servicing larger banks, financial services institutions, Trade Credit Providers, utility companies and telcos. It gives organisations the ability to build any delinquent account management workflow and collection campaign rules dynamically without code changes. The platform is capable of effortlessly configuring risk based workflows and performance scorecards, verification workflows, electronic documents etc. XGen debt management platforms has the ability to manage the entire delinquent and recoveries lifecycle of an account.

Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Management

Industry leading CRM customized to manage cross-sell and up-sell campaigns which comes with contextual intelligence and adaptive business planning. Its dynamic visual campaign design tool that will help you design your marketing campaigns and track leads and manage all initiatives in one place. It's a CRM mixed with a process management and call center tool in one, and totally visual, so your institution can plan your campaigns and keep track of all projects real time. You can easily manage customer interactions with an intuitive and visual interface, drive sales growth with improved customer relationships.

Workflow Automation

XGen Workflow management platform "SMART FLOW" is an automated solution giving organisations the ability to automate their internal workflows and approval processes. This solution will be utilizing a combination of XGen’s SMART Flow, the client’s internal change & approval policy procedures and compliance requirements. The solution is capable of automating both internal and externa; workflows, facilitate enhanced user experience and it also provide the change management studio to manage ongoing aesthetic changes and potential to self-manage workflow strategy.

Credit Decision Automation

XGen’s decision engine "Smart Decisions" is a dynamic decision management and an intelligent rules processing system designed for any rules driven decision service. Smart Decisions allows institutions to automate their decisioning process to enable fast and accurate credit decisions. It allows banks and finance companies to drive decisioning policies, strategies and automate customer evaluation criteria and streamline its credit assessment workflows. System also provides flexible visual management studio to credit decision makers to set their underwriting policies, serviceability evaluations and scoring strategies accordingly.

Digital Signature

XGen’s digital signature solution “SMART SIGNATURES” is designed to help both small and large businesses make the digital leap while guiding them every step of the way. It understands that a great deal of companies hesitate when it comes to managing and processing sensitive data such as contracts and business agreements in the cloud. This is why we dedicated ourselves to building a highly secure and well monitored Smart-Signature platform that is ahead of its time in terms of functionality, while remaining affordable and user friendly.

Comprehensive Credit Reporting

XGen’s comprehensive credit reporting and management platform “SMART CCR” is a data enablement application which allows credit providers to submit comprehensive credit reporting data cleansed per ARCA data standards. Smart CCR absorbs account and customer information core banking systems both in an automated as well as through manual uploads and sends it through to the credit bureaus in the specified format. Before sending the information to the credit bureaus, the data is validated for formatting issues, and the results are shared with the organizational teams that are responsible for correcting the data issues in the core banking system and uploading the corrected data.

Field Operations Management

XGen’s field operations management console “Smart Mobile” helps financial services and insurance businesses to streamline the field service management process from end-to-end. We offer a unified suite of configurable cloud-based modules including; scheduling, online booking, application management, collections tracking, travel tracking, field cash collections, performance reporting, and more all accessible over the internet from any desktop or mobile device. Very popular with Micro finance institutions and field offers and marketing team, is able to manage their portfolio from the field effectively.