Our Alliances, Partners and Clients

XGEN group have established strategic partnerships allowing it to offer a wide range of solutions and other professional service offerings to its clients. These companies are considered as leaders in their respective fields and have the ability to bring Years and years of experience, Off the shelf technology solutions and proprietary intellectual capital and Resources with specific project, business and technology skills.

Equifax Partner
GBG Partner
Yellowfin BI Partner
LOLC Client
DFCC Bank Client
Alliance Finance Client
Continential Insurance Client
brac Client
Allied Pinnacle - Australia Client
Spicers - Australia Client
Reece - Australia & New Zealand Client
Telstra - Australia Client
Fletcher - Australia & New Zealand Client
Tradelink - Australia Client
Laminex - Australia Client
Rocla - Australia Client
Stramit - Australia Client
Metalflex - Australia Client
Actrol - Australia Client
Viadux - Australia Client
Bowens - Australia Client
Lean 6 Partner