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Trade Credit Originations - SMART TRADE CREDIT

Smart Trade Credit The Smart Trade Credit Solution, is a combination of three solutions in one: Trade Credit Application, Case Manager and the Smart Signature. The Trade Credit Application is a cloud hosted, completely paperless, end-to-end online application process which connects to the online Case Manager and Smart Signatures modules. It is a 100% frictionless solution as the signatures for applications are received through the Smart Signature module. The absence of manual interventions in SMART TRADE CREDIT, greatly assists in adhering to the WHO regulations for the prevention of COVID-19.

The online application process is a seamless, user-friendly application form which captures all information required for the lending of credit. Applications are directly submitted to the Case Manager which is connected to the Digital Signature Module and the Digitized Credit Appraisal workflow. The combined output of these modules working together like gears in a machine, drastically reduces the turnaround time of applications which results in an effective appraisal process.

The Case Manager is fully equipped for the processing of an application. Applications can be processed at a comfortable and easy pace with the in-built Automated Workflow. Credit Valuation Queries can be automatically by utilizing the API integrations within the SMART TRADE CREDIT workflow. The ability to access and manage all documents related to the application from one screen also adds to the ease of access for the User.

Multiple user configurations and privileges can be managed through a single click by the privilege templates that are assigned to users in the Administration Dashboard.

Various statistics, Reports and KPIs are available to enhance MIS Reporting and Business Strategies using the plethora of data captured and analysed from the Case Manager.

Automated Debt Management Solution - SMART COLLECT

Smart Collect SMART COLLECT is a sophisticated software system that is at the heart of the Decision Analytics debt management solution from XGen Group. The system streamlines the recovery and collections process, reduces bad debt write-offs, improves cash flow, reduces provisioning and cures more customers, which improves customer relationships and facilitates future selling opportunities. SMART COLLECT is a credit recovery solution that caters to the delinquency control in the Financial Industry, Telco and any Trade Organisation that lends credit to their customers.

SMART COLLECT is also capable of integrating with any Core Banking or Sub system (Including other finance and billing systems) through its API stack and works with any popular Database solution. Through its mobility product it has taken the debt management and recovery collections out on to the field or the debtors’ doorstep. Through its many flavours of possible implementations, SMART COLLECT also supports external agent / vendor interactions through a client-controlled version that will facilitate 3rd party collections strategies.

The system architecture is capable of:

  • Customising workflows to meet any business requirement within record time
  • Capable of connecting with third party systems and processes via API's and other information push pull solutions.
  • Ability to consolidate information and present to collection agents per the business need.
  • Able to connect with mail houses, SMS gateways, auto diallers and email servers to increase collections efficiency.

XGen Group has built the above capability within Smart Collect using its teams experience and expertise gained from designing and deploying world-class debt management solutions for financial institutions and other businesses around the world.

To succeed in today's hypercompetitive marketplace, companies are placing increased emphasis on effective collections and recovery management to deliver bottom-line results.

SMART COLLECT has also taken steps for customers who have fallen behind in their credit payments due to the COVID-19 pandemic by analysing their current situation and providing relief aid to those in need.

Credit Originations Solution - SMART CREDIT

Smart Credit The SMART CREDIT is a state-of-the-art software that is at the heart of the Decision Analytics loan origination solution from XGen Group.

SMART CREDIT’s loan origination decision engine is capable of streamlining the credit approval process via the Lead management workflow, Digital loan application process, automated assessment and decisioning and Automated / digitized documentation (offer letter) & disbursement. This automation will improve customer relationships through faster processing of loans and facilitates future selling opportunities with low-risks.

The “Green Channel” feature minimizes manual intervention and is capable of expeditiously disbursing auto approved loans once the credit scoring and all other risk parameters are stabilized with necessary alerts.

SMART CREDIT is a complete system that can integrate with any of the existing processes and core systems. The software architecture ensures a full and seamless integration with all other IT systems applicable to the origination process, including core banking with single customer views (internal CRIB), data warehousing, CRM/customer information systems, document management systems, messaging systems and third-party analytics engines via its API stack.

Overall, SMART CREDIT covers processes from the origination of the loan to the appraisals, the case manager and the disbursement of the loan as well. In a very simplified sense, SMART CREDIT can be viewed as a plug-and-play system which covers all aspects of the loan origination workflow from lead generation to disbursement with all assessments supported within itself.

Lead Generation for Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Products - SMART SELL

Smart Sell The XGen Workflow management platform "SMART SELL" is an automated solution giving organisations the ability to automate their internal workflows and approval processes. This solution will be utilizing a combination of XGen’s SMART SELL, the client’s internal change & approval policy procedures and compliance requirements. The solution is capable of automating both internal and external workflows facilitating enhanced user experience and it also provides the change management studio to manage ongoing aesthetic changes and potential to self-manage workflow strategy.

By introducing the SMART SELL platform, your organisation can benefit by increased productivity by automating your everyday processes. Some of the features that the SMART SELL can showcase are:

  • Customize your forms to collect relevant process data.
  • Add sections and fields according to your business needs
  • Control who can request or work on the process, and what fields they can see.
  • Digitize your business workflows by recreating them as flowcharts.
  • Ensure accountability by deciding who's responsible for each stage and enforce compliance by setting up process constraints.
  • Receive documents, and required data from users during the process, send relevant notifications when required.
  • Add users and teams, with different roles and profiles, and determine who has access to what, and which permissions they have.
  • Create business rules to pre-defined conditions
  • See the status of requests you've submitted, and track the requests assigned to you, all in real time.
  • Focus on the most time-sensitive ones by grouping and filtering data.

Simply automating your processes is not a solution—it's imperative that you track and overhaul them if necessary. SMART SELL comes in-built with blueprints that keep an audit trail to help you track your processes and identify bottlenecks.

SMART SELL is intended to provide a sophisticated system to automate the company workflows in an easily traceable, re-designable and easily adaptable manner. As one of its final outputs, the SMART SELL is expected to reduce the paperwork while enhancing and simplifying the employees working conditions.